The Third Minddrinker is the first book of the Voyager Agency Series. It was first published independently on Amazon on June 25, 2017. It mainly follows the perspective of Alice Grace.


"Do you want mercy?"

Ambrose Hoverdan. A girl living her teenage years in the later 22nd century. This involves waking up, eating breakfast, chilling with her friends, and torturing the minds of any bully that rears his ugly face to her. Whether it’s scoping through their memories, twisting their feelings, or inserting a thought, there’s no one who can challenge her skills... Right?

Kathryn Janeway. The recognized leader of the Voyager Agency who can read every sliver of any mind, including Ambrose's, among other skills. Together with her friends, Kai and Jason, they’ve been fighting a battle and need an extra mind for an extra edge.

They think they have found it with Alice, but have high school bullies prepared her to take on other superhumans, ones who prefer to take her head over her pride or lunch money?



  • Kathryn Janeway
  • Alice Grace
  • Jason Beran


  • Kai Tailsman
  • Jordan Kasha
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